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Contents: How Can You Merge Two Bank Accounts in QuickBooks? Could you provide a step-by-step explanation on how to merge two QuickBooks company files in QuickBooks Enterprise? Employee Transaction / List How to Merge Accounts in QuickBooks? Learn how to keep your accounts, customers, and vendors organized. I can share some insights to merge two …

February 26, 2021

merge accounts

Learn how to keep your accounts, customers, and vendors organized. I can share some insights to merge two separate accounts. This prompt message will appear when the accounts have a different account type, or the detail type are not related. I’m here to guide you how to enter the data to your chart of accounts. If you have duplicate transactions in QuickBooks, you can merge them together. This is helpful if you accidentally entered the same transaction twice or if you have two different transactions for the same thing.

Replace the customer’s name with the name of the first customer you selected. Also, add any missing information from the first customer’s record. Remember that account mergers are irreversible. For several functions, QuickBooks uses a set of default accounts. These cannot be combined or removed, just like accounts linked to internet banking. Default tax accounts were created at the time of the opening of the Custom Tax Agency.

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You can also bookmark this reference in managingdefault and special accounts in your chart of accountsarticle. It will guide you on which accounts to remove or combine. Additionally, you’d like tosee QuickBooks Online dataorreview QuickBooks Desktop reportsafter merging the accounts. Transactions charged to wrong account – Selecting the wrong account can cause negatives to appear on financial statements. For example, coding a disbursement to a revenue account would cause the revenue account to show a negative balance.

How Can You Merge Two Bank Accounts in QuickBooks?

The names of subaccounts are indented in the Name column of the Chart of accounts list. If it is, note the parent account it’s tied to. First, you can download the historical data of an account via an Excel file. As for deleting an account, you can only deactivate it. The transactions of the inactive account will not reflect on any reports, however the sytem still hold its information. I did exactly what you said and an error message popped up saying that you can not merge two accounts that have online information.


Accounts that are not automatically matched should be merged in QuickBooks. Make sure that you merge the QuickBooks account to match the name and account number as it appears on the Propertyware chart of accounts. The diamond automatically turns into a four-headed arrow. Drag the account next to the account that will be merged with. There is no Gasoline account, and all transactions that were originally posted in the Gasoline account are now posted in the Auto and Truck expense account.

Could you provide a step-by-step explanation on how to merge two QuickBooks company files in QuickBooks Enterprise?

Prior to consolidating customer records if you track jobs together with customers, you must merge customers in QuickBooks and their work records. You must keep distinct records when a single person or business fills multiple roles in QuickBooks, such as vendor and customer. Make a backup of your QuickBooks database before doing any record consolidation because there is no “undo” tool available once you’ve merged customer records. Make sure that both of the customer profiles are parent accounts before merging them. You can accomplish this by simply clicking on the job’s name and erasing the Customer field’s contents. If you are unable to see the option to terminate an employee on your list of active employees on the company payroll, this mostly implies that they have some history.


Also, there should not be any pending transactions. At a time, you can only merge two customers’ names in QuickBooks and can merge two accounts, and make sure both accounts also have the same type of account. And also in most situations, you are able to change the account type to match with the new account.

Employee Transaction / List

Find and open the vendor profile you want to keep. It appears to save the merge but the account I did not want any longer doesn’t go away, it now appears as inactive and is still there. In the account to be merged, try changing the account name only, leave the existing account number as is, and click ‘save’. To avoid any data loss, we recommend that you export your QuickBooks data before merging any accounts. That way, you’ll have a backup of all information in case something goes wrong. To get the expert guidance your business needs, look toThe CFO Source.

QuickBooks moves past transactions from the duplicate to the vendor you want to keep. QuickBooks allows you to merge an expense account with an income account Correct. You cannot merge two accounts that are not the same Type. This process “merges” one account into another, eliminating all traces of the merged account.


Further, choose the Edit Account feature and change the Account Type if needed. Some account types, such as A/R accounts, automatically created accounts or accounts that have subaccounts attached can’t be changed. If the account types don’t match on the accounts you want to merge, you can’t merge them. Few more questions related to merging duplicate accounts, customers, vendors, bank accounts in QuickBooks.

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Find the account you would like to move the information into and write down the account number. Now go to the account you would like to move the data out of.Right click on this account and select Edit. Change the account number to the number of the account you want to move it to and hit Save.

If it’s in Multi-user mode, switch it to single-user mode. You cannot merge two entities of different types. So only a customer can be merged to another customer. You cannot merge a customer into a vendor. If you have duplicate contacts, leads, customers, or vendors, you can merge them into one.

How to Merge Accounts in QuickBooks?

You can merge the customers by following the procedures stated after wiping the deposits and payments made to the client. If prompted, choose Yes if you want to consolidate the two profiles. Replace the customer’s name with the name you want to keep from the profile. You will now be asked to confirm if you really want to go ahead with the merge.

Ensure that the sub-customer list will not permit the merging of the account. Ensure that the merging process cannot be undone if once done. When you have two accounts from a similar bank and want to merge them into one account then below mentioned is the list of steps you must follow.

parent accounts

Then Edit from the dropdown menu in the Action column. Locate the duplicate account that you don’t want to keep. Here, you can note the detailed type and name of the account. Choose the customer profile you want to deactivate. The supplier profile you want to preserve can be found and opened.

If you need to change the type of tax form that you use, click the Company menu, select Company Information then choose the appropriate tax form for your company. Users can merge two bank accounts in QuickBooks for several reasons. With this feature, an increase in convenience can be experienced.

After inactivating the xerox developer program account, it will still appear in reports. This will work, but only if the account has not been used in a transaction. To delete, go to Lists, select Chart of Accounts, and left-click once on the account you would like to delete. If you then right click on the account name, a dialogue box will appear.

All you have to do is apply actions carefully. By following the aforementioned steps, you can easily merge two bank accounts in QuickBooks Online. To merge bank accounts in QuickBooks, you need to deactivate online services for each bank account.

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