The surgery center was originally established in 1988, which at the time, made it one of only two free-standing surgery centers in the state. The foundation and mission of our practice that was established upon conception still remains strong today. That is, to offer the most advanced technology in a stress-free and comfortable setting. Using the aid of the Catalys Femtosecond Laser and ORA intraoperative aberrometry, our surgery center and highly trained professionals are able to deliver superior visual outcomes #visionforlife.




We understand that having any eye procedure can make our patients apprehensive. Our surgical atmosphere, along with our commitment to the highest standards of surgical care, are regularly praised by patients and their families. Regardless of whether it’s a simple procedure we’ve performed a thousand times before, or something less common and more complex, our number one priority is always patient safety and comfort. The surgery center’s full accreditation with The Joint Commission (TJC) ensures our ongoing commitment to maintaining these high standards of surgical care and patient safety. Georgia Ophthalmologists believes treating each person as an individual is an essential part of each patient’s #VisionForLife.

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